Richmond: Experience The Richness Civil War Involved City

Richmond is a city with great historical significance. It has been actively involved in the civil war. There several historical sites which commemorate the civil war period. However, this is slowly becoming popular as a tourist destination. I found many exciting attractions, craft breweries, and amazing eateries in here. There are areas that are filled with natural beauty.

Here are a few things you can do when you are in Richmond.

  • Metro Richmond Zoo

I wasn’t going to miss out on the zoo that houses more than 2,000 animals. There are 190 different species in Metro Richmond Zoo. I also came across some endangered species. There are tigers, cheetahs, rhinos, giraffes, and so much more. Want to feed the giraffes, you can do that too. However, there are is a specific time for that. It surely had a great experience here.

  • Science Museum of Virginia

Science enthusiasts should definitely visit the Science Museum of Virginia. In case you are traveling with children, this is the best place to be. There is an extensive range of activities to that will excite kids. The exhibits have been divided into themed parts like health, electricity, and geology.

  • Hollywood Cemetery

This had been found in the year 1847 and is popular for its famous figures of people who had interred more than years. It includes the 2 former US presidents, John Tyler, and John Monroe. This place is the resting place of over in numerous confederate soldiers.

  • Belle Isle

Cross a visually beautiful footbridge to reach the Belle Isle. It is a small area which is surrounded by rocks which have been smoothed out by water over the years. I saw many locals sunbathing on these rocks. There are also trails if you want to walk over the island. It takes you through the picturesque wild and romantic woodlands.