Love Beaches! Then Head to Montañita

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Montañita is a very small town in Ecuador that is quite inviting and attractive for all the travelers who love to spend time with family on beaches. This beach town has everything that a beach lover is looking for from crystal clear waters and fine sands to surfing and water activities as well as nightclubs.

Things to do in Montañita


  • Surfing


This town is known for its surfing activities. It is the most frequent place by beginners as well as seasoned surfers. I was a novice surfer and enjoyed the time I spent here. The beginners can try out surfing here during the May to November period. You can easily get surfboards for rent along with surfing coaching classes.


  • Cruise Trip to Isla De La Plata


If you do not have the budget to take a trip to Galapagos, then why not take a cruise to Isla de la Plata, which is a look and feel alike place to the Galapagos. You can get a glimpse of dolphins, wide varieties of birds, turtles, and manta rays during the trip to this island.


  • Souvenir Shopping


My trip to Montañita felt incomplete until I visited the shops that are spread around the beaches. This is where you get to buy a lot of the souvenirs of this place that will help you remember this wonderful beach town for many years. Some of the mementos on sale include t-shirts, magnets, pottery, bracelets, etc.


  • Montañita Spanish School


If you would like to brush up your Spanish knowledge, then this school is worth visiting. There are Spanish classes held in this school amend the best part is that you can learn the language on the beach.


  • Night Out Bars


If you are a party person like me, then you will not be disappointed with what is on offer in this beach town. There are a lot of bars and cocktails bars that offer cheap drinks and an excellent party atmosphere.