Lethbridge: Indulge In Fun And Exciting Trip

Lethbridge is often overlooked by tourists. However, I found this to be a fantastic place to visit. There are many parks where you can enjoy the natural beauty. You can visit with your family or friends. There are so things that you can do when you are in Lethbridge. Here are just some of the things you will enjoy doing.

  • Visit Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden

The natural beauty of the garden simply took my breath away. The oasis of tranquility is so colorful during springtime. Walk through the garden and it will give you peace of mind. This is the best place to spend some quiet time with your family.

  • Check out Henderson Lake Park

Take a ride and visit the premier park of Lethbridge. The man-made lake, picnic areas, mature trees, and shelters make this the place to be. Also, there are 3 playgrounds and if you visit with your kids, they are going to have so much fun. The park holds annual events that include the Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival and Canada Day Celebration.

  • Wander around the Indian Battle Park

The river bottom trail, picnic areas, and the natural playground make the park so interesting. I took my family for a picnic. However, keep mind that some of the picnic areas have to be booked in advance. The best attractions are Coal Banks Kiosk, Medical Stone, and Incline Railway.

  • Nicholas Sheran Park

Want to head to the water and do some fishing? Visit to Nicholas Sheran Park. If you do want to go fishing, simply breathe in the natural beauty of the park. You will find 7 kilometers of paved trails and fitness equipment in the park. What I loved was the playground with the theme of train and coal. There is also an edible orchard for you to check out.