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Manitoba: The Less Explored Destination for Next Holiday

Manitoba, the centrally located provincial state in Canada is neglected by people as a tourist destination. However, the decision to visit this place and explore what it has to offer. To say the truth, if you take a bit of time, you will have a wealth of things to discover. It is an ideal destination for a summer retreat. Take a look at some of the best things that it has to offer to its tourists.

The Forks

It is located where the Assiniboine and the Red River meets. Whether you visit in summer or in winter, this place is going to offer you a lot of fun. It is actually a historical building that has been restored to turn it into a marketplace. There are food stalls, restaurants, and some unique shops. I found some unique things to take back as souvenirs for my friends and relatives back home. If you are visiting in winter, you will find a skating rink.

Churchill Polar Bears

Churchill has been popular for the polar bears. It lies on Hudson Bay’s rocky coast. In winter polar bears wander around the coast and there are tours available for the tourists to check out these furry animals. I close encounter with the bears was simply amazing. I had seen nothing like it. You can also visit the Eskimo Museum that shows the works of art and tools.

Grand Beach

There is a large stretch of beach in the Grand Beach Provincial Park. If you are planning to go sunbathing, this is the place to be. It comes as a respite from the busy life of the city. I put up in one of the accommodations that are available in the beach area. The food offered by the restaurants here and the nightlife is simply stunning.

Luoyang – Discover the Birthplace of Chinese Civilization

The reason I came here was to see the city that is said to have cradled the birth of Chinese civilization. Today you can easily reach the modern city from Shanghai or Beijing by train. An old friend, Mark with has mentioned Luoyang in the past & had highly recommended I check it out.  This interior city has a rich history and there are several historic sites to see that you and your family would find educational.

I came here during springtime. Luoyang is known to have mild weather and even summer days are not too hot. It has been the place of religious studies and Taoism has originated here.

You can check out the historic sites here which is a long list. That is also because it has been the birthplace of over 13 different kingdoms including the first which was the Xia dynasty. I had a short stay here so I focused on the main places for sightseeing.

First Stop – Longmen Grottoes

This was my first stop. It lies by the southern outskirts and is a site that has survived over 1400 years; here you can see about 2100 grottoes where tens and thousands of Buddha statues can be found. The grottoes here are comparable to Mogao caves and Yungang Grottoes in other parts of China to form one of the main cave clusters of the country.

Explore the White Horse Temple

This was my next stop. It is a Buddhist temple that is worth visiting when you are here. Located in the eastern part of the city, it is over 2000 years of age and also honored as the cradle or the birthplace of Buddhism in the country.

Stop by the Shaolin Temple

This temple needs no introduction. If you wish to come here you would be climbing the slopes of Songshan Mountain which is in between Zhengzhou and Luoyang. It is famous for the martial arts that it originated and that spread across the world.

I stayed back to witness the Zen Music Ritual that is performed at night and is an outdoor performance against the mountains that is worth witnessing.

I did not have more than a day here but I would advise you to spend a few days here as the different relics have extensive history behind them that you would need time to hear about and explore.

Four Convincing Reasons Why You Should Visit Vienna

Are you searching for a perfect city for a vacation? Stop searching; head to Vienna, the adorable capital of Austria. You will never regret. Vienna is famous worldwide as a perfect tourist attraction city mainly due to its rich culture, hotels and world-class restaurants. If you love open-air swimming in ideal weather, you will find Vienna captivating. Here are four compelling reasons why Vienna should be on your must-visit list.

The Wiener Riesenrad

Every country has its national icon. Think of the Statue of Liberty in America or the London Eye. For Vienna, and this is not funny, it is the wheel -Riesenra. This exciting wheel was made in 1897, and since then it has entertained thousands. If you have not watched the 1940s best-selling movie, The Thriller, do it before visiting Vienna. The Riesenrad is featured in this movie. There are no better ways to view this city than to be on top of this wheel- although you will lose your direction. However, it will be a no-go zone if you fear heights.

The Hofburg Palace

Do you know Austria had an empire? It was once an empire with queens and Kings. The Kingdom was authoritative. The Hofburg Palace was where the action was. Visit it and feel how the loyal ruled. That was ages ago. Hofburg is still relevant today in a more thrilling way. If you have a weekend to spend in Vienna, by all means, come here; there is a lot to see. Arouse your spirit with arts of world-famous icons like Klinit and Dürer, visit the butterfly house, and a film museum. If you have time (and nerves), you can learn how to ride a horse at the Spanish Riding school. Watch out for these places because you might spend your whole vacation here- but who cares anyway? If you want to, who can stop you?

The Palmenhaus

Do you like greenhouses? Welcome to the world’s largest greenhouse in Palmenhaus. You might not be a farmer, but you definitely would like to know where your food comes from. The Palmenhaus almost covers the entire Burggarten Park. Here, you can see, touch and smell thousands of plants from across the globe. If you have ever heard the Garden of Aden, you might mistake this greenhouse with it. Once you are done with plants, you can enjoy your dinner in one of this park’s remarkable restaurants.

The Sacherforte

Do you know that Vienna has its signature food? It has. Grab a Sacherforte! It is the only way your mouth will know you are here. This cake is only found in Vienna unless you want an imitation. It is so popular here that it has a whole day dedicated to it: December 5. There are two Sacherforte makers in Vienna today, The Hotel Sacher and Demel. Their war of supremacy is already in courts, but the cakes are in mouths.


If you want to make your vacation memorable, you should visit this Austrian city. You will never regret. The residents of Vienna are always jovial and charming. Once there, you will feel like you are in a perpetual celebration. From the beautiful sights, food, sports, and recreational activities, Vienna is a must see city when in Austria. Do not forget to take a Sacherforte home!