Riverside: Fascinating Things about this Southern California City

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Riverside is situated near the Santa Ana River towards the western side of Los Angeles. It is known to have the largest citrus growing industry. It has a wide collection of places that attract tourists every year. It is famous not for its lavish shopping malls and entertainment venues, but also for other aspects. Don’t forget to visit the below-mentioned places while doing a trip to Riverside in California. 

California Citrus State Historic Park

You can get a glimpse of the citrus industry of California very closely. I was overwhelmed to see how the industry has grown in a rapid manner, especially on the southern side. I took a guided tour from which I got freshly grown oranges of California as samples. The climate, temperature, and soil quality are responsible for the citrus industry’s growth which I learned from there. 

Such a beautiful place to visit and glad I did.  My old dentist friend, who owns trinitydentist.com, has mentioned this spot to me before.  Great opportunity to see culture and experience rich history for sure.

Botanic Gardens California University

If you are a nature lover and enthusiast just like me, then this is a place that you would love to visit. A variety of grasses, flowers, trees, and shrubs can be found inside the Botanic Gardens. I could not resist myself but to appreciate nature’s beauty by seeing the horticultural collection. There are separate gardens for cactus, roses, and herbs. Famous riparian trees of California are also there in the Alder Canyon. 

Castle Park Riverside

In case you are taking your kids along with you, the Castle Park is a perfect choice for them. It is one amusement park where the entire family can have fun. There are 27 kinds of rides which include a roller coaster, drop tower, merry-go-round, and waterlog slide. 

Mission Inn Museum

Located in the renowned Mission Inn Hotel, the Mission Inn Museum comprises of a wide range of artifacts from Frank Miller who was the founder and owner of the inn. I was captivated to know about his fascination with fine art and his brilliance in marketing.

Richmond –The Heritage City of Virginia

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Richmond being the capital city of Virginia has a rich historical background that dates back to the 17th century. The city has witnessed several political events including the speech of Patrick Henry that laid the foundation of the American Revolution. The place has over 20 historic sites and monumental structures that attract tourists from all over the US. Besides historic districts, the city is also known for its parks, gardens, and riverfront attractions. During our stay in the city, we had been to several locations but given below are the most interesting ones.

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Located at Lakeside Avenue, is the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden that attracts thousands of tourists each season. The picturesque landscape of the garden adorned with flowering trees and exotic plants add to the natural serenity of the place. Besides ponds, fountains, and lakes, the place has a greenhouse and a butterfly house. For a place that charges only $13 as entry fee, Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is far too beautiful.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Our next halt was at the famed Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The historic museum was opened to the public in 1936 and even today accepts visitors for free. Here you can find several galleries dedicated to different genres of paintings and sculptors based on their origins and antiquity. The place preserves several artworks from the Ancient Roman, Greek, Byzantine, and Egyptian civilizations. You can also see several European decorative items like enamel boxes, porcelain jars, and gold objects that date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. Besides antique exhibits, the museum also displays modern and contemporary artworks.


Maymont, the historic estate located at Hampton Street is perhaps one of the most impressive places to visit in Richmond. The Victorian estate that spans over an area of 100 acres has a beautiful mansion built in 1893, an arboretum, a nature center, a carriage collection, a Children’s Farm, and a Japanese garden. The mansion has been converted into a house museum and has many beautiful antiques on display. The place also has a gorgeous Italian garden and a Japanese garden with a large pond. Overall, the visit was an unforgettable experience.

San Jose: Discover the Bunch of Attraction

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San Jose, the third largest city of California, it is popular for its technology industry and is called the capital of Silicon Valley. What attracted me to San Jose was its colorful city. This city has something for everyone. Here’s a list of the things that you can do here.

Winchester Mystery House

In case you are looking to explore something different, you can check out Sarah Winchester’s property. She inherited a significant amount of wealth from her husband William Winchester. According to legends, it took 38 years to construct this property. The work went on till she died. You can stroll around the garden and take a look at the maze rooms. I came to discover that these rooms have no real plans behind.

Tech Museum of Innovation

If you are visiting San Jose with your family, this is the best place to be. Initially, the museum had been set up in a garage. After eight years, it moved into a facility which covers an area of 132,000sq foot. Here, you will see a glimpse of Silicon Valley. I loved walking around. The place engages the youth to enhance the future world.

Heritage Rose Garden

Here, you will find a large collection of roses which were planted by 750 volunteers in the year 1995. Several volunteers maintain this garden. You will find more than 100s of different roses. This place stretches across 5 acres of land and if you love roses like me, it is worth a visit.

Alum Rock Park

Situated at the foothills of Diablo Mountain Range, this park is one of the oldest municipal parks in the city. What’s mesmerized me was the rugged beauty stretching over 740 acres of land. I hiked through the park but you can also go for cycling. Reach the top to have a picnic. I also came across many animals throughout the park such as deer, mountain lions, and bobcats.

Love Beaches! Then Head to Montañita

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Montañita is a very small town in Ecuador that is quite inviting and attractive for all the travelers who love to spend time with family on beaches. This beach town has everything that a beach lover is looking for from crystal clear waters and fine sands to surfing and water activities as well as nightclubs.

Things to do in Montañita


  • Surfing


This town is known for its surfing activities. It is the most frequent place by beginners as well as seasoned surfers. I was a novice surfer and enjoyed the time I spent here. The beginners can try out surfing here during the May to November period. You can easily get surfboards for rent along with surfing coaching classes.


  • Cruise Trip to Isla De La Plata


If you do not have the budget to take a trip to Galapagos, then why not take a cruise to Isla de la Plata, which is a look and feel alike place to the Galapagos. You can get a glimpse of dolphins, wide varieties of birds, turtles, and manta rays during the trip to this island.


  • Souvenir Shopping


My trip to Montañita felt incomplete until I visited the shops that are spread around the beaches. This is where you get to buy a lot of the souvenirs of this place that will help you remember this wonderful beach town for many years. Some of the mementos on sale include t-shirts, magnets, pottery, bracelets, etc.


  • Montañita Spanish School


If you would like to brush up your Spanish knowledge, then this school is worth visiting. There are Spanish classes held in this school amend the best part is that you can learn the language on the beach.


  • Night Out Bars


If you are a party person like me, then you will not be disappointed with what is on offer in this beach town. There are a lot of bars and cocktails bars that offer cheap drinks and an excellent party atmosphere.

Moscow – Exploring the Vibrant Capital of Russia

Moscow is the powerful city with history and tad edginess. This summer I decided to visit this capital city of Russia. It is filled with world famous attractions. The city has been in existence for over 800 years. I kept me busy all throughout the day. In case you are visiting Moscow for the first time and do not know what to do, check out the list given below.

Red Square

This is at the center of the capital. No doubt, it is the most visited area. Beautiful architectures surround the square. This is the key location. I found place to be surrounded by several popular architectures like St. Basil’s Cathedral. There are Kremlin and Lenin’s Mausoleum. Other than this, there are various attractions to check out.

St. Basil’s Cathedral

To glance at Russia’s archetypal image, I visit this cathedral. The domes lit by the sunlight are beautiful to watch. These had been designed to appear like a bonfire flame. Ivan the Terrible had commissioned the cathedral in 1500. Tsar wanted it to be unique and didn’t want to surpass the creation. So, he ordered the architect to be blinded. That is quite a legendary tale.

Lenin’s Mausoleum

This is an attraction that I was not going to miss out on. It has a glass sarcophagus which contains Vladimir Lenin, the legendary revolutionary’s, body. The place opened its door to public viewing in the year 1924. It has a footfall of 2.5 million in a year. Even though there is a line to enter, I didn’t mind it at all.

Moscow Kremlin

It is one of the largest active fortresses to be found in Europe. As I went inside the kremlin walls, I found 5 squares to explore. There are 20 towers and you will also find largest cannon and bell in here.


Miramichi: Exploring the Lesser Known Area of New Brunswick

If you tell someone that you are going to visit Miramichi for the weekend, they are surely going to be very surprised. But trust me when I say, this less explored region has so much to offer. There are so many things that you can choose to do. Take a quick look at some of these to make an itinerary.

Fly Fishing

Fishing is one of the biggest attractions for anglers from different parts of the world. The primary attractions of the region are the popular bass or salmon from Atlantic. In case you are not from New Brunswick then you will have to hire a guide in order to go fishing. They will teach you with utmost patience and care. I had a superb experience. Standing hip water in the river is something I am going to remember for a lifetime.

Boat Tour

Do not forget to take a boat tour. This way you are going to get an amazing view of the river through this. There are several tours offered and you can just choose the one that you like. At times the boat will take you to Ritchie Wharf Park. I filled my stomach in here with some snacks available. Also, I visited the souvenir shops to take some for my loved ones.

Beaubears Island

This is place is a natural beauty. However, apart from it is also filled with shipbuilding and Acadian history. It is actually a seasonal park that has an interpretive center. The historical tour includes a boat ride. I found all locals in colorful costumes and they will greet you for reenacting the story of Beaubears Island. It is a popular spot for a picnic and is a great place to have some fun with your family.

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